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Internationally Funded Opportunities

DAAD – Undergraduate RISE Scholarship and Internship- This scholarship provides students with the opportunity to work with doctoral students in the fields of biology, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering and physics in Germany.


Euro Scholars- Students choose from a variety of research topics located on the Euro Scholars website carry out a semester long project at the location where the research is being conducted (1 of 12 partner university in Europe.  Areas of study include the arts and humanities, medicine, life sciences, law, economics and politics. This program is designed as an exchanges program and students are required to cover their own costs and tuition.


Pasteur Foundation- The Pasteur Foundation offers several scholarships to students to complete summer laboratory internships in Paris.  Each internship lasts 10 weeks and pays roughly $400 per week for a maximum of $4000 total.  A $300 travel stipend is also available.

ThinkSwiss – Research Scholarship- ThinkSwiss offers 15 scholarships for undergraduates interested in a variety of areas from life sciences to public policy. Students work in Switzerland at a public Swiss University for 2-3 months and receive a stipend for living expenses.