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Beyond OSU

Finding Opportunities Beyond OSU


Numerous programs across the country welcome undergraduates to engage in research, scholarship and creative arts opportunities during the school year and over the summer.  Some experiences include stipends, housing, and other benefits.  Application deadlines vary, but deadlines for summer opportunities generally fall early in winter quarter. Listings below identify large national programs. 


Tips for researching more opportunities beyond OSU:

·       Consult with academic advisors and faculty in your department at OSU to find programs

·       Consider pursuing an experience at a university or research institute in your home town over the summer

Tips for applying:

·       Many programs are competitive; consider applying to several to improve your odds of acceptance

·       Read program web sites carefully and contact the program office with questions well before the application deadline

·       Write application materials to fit the exact criteria for each program

·       Ask your OSU advisor to read and provide feedback on your application

·       If the application requires letters of recommendation, ask recommenders at least 3 weeks prior to the deadline

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