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Willamette Mission Archaeological Project: Phase III Assessment

Willamette Mission Archaeological Project: Phase III Assessment, by Judith A. Sanders, Mary K. Weber, David R. Brauner. 1983. $27.00.

The Willamette Mission archeological project began with a request from the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office for assistance in locating the 1834-1841 site of the Willamette Station of the Methodist Mission. An extensive literature search and archeological field observations on the east bank of the 1844 Willamette River channel verified occupation predating 1850. Size of mission complex, internal integrity and interpretive potential were assessed; 190 square meters of the site were excavated and 9541 artifacts recovered. Each artifact category was researched within the framework of a functional classification. The appearance, material composition, and date range of each artifact is heavily emphasized to verify the mission occupation and to establish comparative tools for regional archaeological research focusing on the early historic period in the Northwest.

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