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Planning for Tourists: Contributions of Museums

Planning for Tourists: Contributions of Museums. Museums and Tourism on the Oregon Coast, by Marilen A. Pool. Visitor Behavior at the Mark O. Hatfield Marine Science Center Aquarium, by Susan Gaughan Tissot. Edited by Rober ta L. Hall. 1992. ($14.00)

Each year many visitors are attracted to the Oregon Coast to experience its natural beauty. These tourists pose challenges for the coastal communities that must provide services. The two studies in this book address these challenges. "Planning for Tourists" reviews the history of tourism and examines the problems that various types of alternative tourism pose. "Visitor Behavior" provides an overview of concepts and procedures museums and aquariums use to learn more about their visitors and meet their educational and entertainment needs. This study of visitors at the Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center Aquarium led to recommendations for improving the effectiveness of exhibits. Together, these papers define some of the roles museums play in developing appropriate tourism on the Oregon coast

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