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The Indians of Southwestern Oregon: An Ethnohistorical Review

The Indians of Southwestern Oregon: An Ethnohistorical Review, by Jeff LaLande. 1991. ($12.00)

Using concepts and information from a variety of disciplines, researchers are working towards a better understanding of how, over the course of at least 10,000 years, people we now call Indians lived in and adapted to a land we now call "southwestern Oregon." Much of what is currently known about the Indians of southwestern Oregon comes from archaeological study of the physical evidence left by people long since gone. Linguistic studies and ethnographies of local Indians are based on testimony of living people. Another source of information is the journals, diaries, letters and memoirs of the first European and Euro-American visitors contain the earliest written descriptions of southwestern Oregon's Indians, these form the data base of what is sometimes called "ethnohistory." This volume gives a brief overview of available ethnohistorical sources; combines some of this information in the form of a comprehensive ethnography of the Indians of Southwestern Oregon; and suggests several lines of inquiry for the future

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