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For Students:

Fall 2014 Subsidy Application


(Due by noon on October 17th, 2014)

The student fee funded subsidy application form is available on the first day of summer term, and is due by noon on the 3rd Friday of the term, October 17th, 2014.


The award can pay for any Licensed, Registered or Exempt* Provider.

*Exempt providers must be listed with Family Connections.

**Students enrolled in only E-campus classes, do not qualify for the subsidy.**


OSU Financial Aid Office

Through the OSU Financial Aid Office, students can request that their Cost of Attendance be revised to include their child care costs.

You can find the form here. Please submit your completed forms to the OSU Financial Aid Office.



The State of Oregon also has funds available for students to help with child care costs.

For more information about the Oregon Student Child Care Grant please visit their site: http://www.oregonstudentaid.gov/child-care-grant.aspx



For Staff and Faculty:

 2014-2015 Employee Subsidy Application


(Due October 17th, 2014 at noon)

The OSU Child Care Friend-Raisers Subsidy was created to help offset the high cost of child care for OSU staff and faculty.

This subsidy is funded through an endowment at The OSU Foundation. If you would like to contribute to this fund contact Kellie Parker at the OSU Foundation at kellie.parker@oregonstate.edu.  Please only contact Kellie, if you are interested in donating to the endowment. 

The application cycle runs for the fall, winter and spring terms (October-June). Applications for the current cycle are due October 17th, 2014 by noon to Childcare and Family Resources.


The award can pay for any Licensed, Registered or Exempt* Provider.

*Exempt providers must be listed with Family Connections.


The Faculty/Staff Dependent Care Account

This allows you to save money for child care expenses on a tax-free basis. You may designate a monthly payroll deduction, which is deposited to your spending account. Throughout the year, as you spend out-of-pocket money for eligible dependent care expenses, you submit claims along with your receipts. The spending account administrator will reimburse you from the tax-free money you have set aside in your account. If you use this program, your use of the federal and Oregon child care tax credits will be limited. In general, if your adjusted gross income (including that of your partner, if any) is expected to be more than $25,000, most likely you will be better off receiving reimbursements under the spending account. Contact the Employee Benefits Office, 541-737-2806, 122B Kerr Administration Building, for further information.




 Check out the list of scholarships for more resources.


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